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Family Bible Repair and Restoration

When restoring your bible our goal is to preserve everything that has survived as well as the look and feel of the original. In an effort to do that we will remove the parts and rebuild the binding with new material. Once completed we paste the removed parts back on top of the new material blending the new with the old so that the repair is not immediately apparent. This method gives the book a new life while maintaining original look.


The Bible as originally received


The cover has completely separated from the spine. The corners also need repairing


The finished restoration.

The covers have been re-attached to the spine with a new leather spine and the original spine has been pasted over it.
The corners have been repaired by introducing new leather under the existing leather.

The interior of the Bible.

The flyleaf has been re-attached to the Bible using a cloth hinge similar to the original.


A Few Other Examples of finished bible restorations

These photos are of a beautiful Bible from the Netherlands that we restored for the family. The close-ups are showing the paper restoration we did on the title page and the spine which shows the new leather behind the original .

As you can see from the before photos, this Bible required extensive restoration . The final result speaks for itself.